Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Artist Cafe

A week after Cadence's Rocket Science Adventures, Lorien got the opportunity to do a fun little summer camp of her own at the community college here in Smithfield.  Lo is my little artist so when this class became available I had to jump on it!

Lorien was a part of The Artist Cafe.  At the beginning of the week, she was assigned an artist to research.  She had to learn when he lived, where he lived, what he painted, how he painted, why he painted, etc.  It was VERY exciting to her.  She was assigned the artist: Jackson Pollock.  She didn't know anything about him before camp, so it was extra fun for her because she was starting from scratch.  She learned that he lived in the 1900's & that he used an "action art" technique.  She was thrilled with this technique because she then got to create a place setting in the style of her artist.  She got to create a placemat, a plate, a cup, & a napkin all based off the styling of her artist.  Action Art is a lot of fun because it requires you to literally dance around as you paint.  She put her projects on the ground & let the paint fly.  It was a great experience for her.

The last day of the camp, we got to go & eat a pizza lunch at the Artist Cafe.  I was SO excited to see her place setting & her report.  She did a great job.

She did everything just like Jackson Pollock would have done it.  It looked very fun & VERY LORIEN if that's even possible.  I think she & Jackson Pollock would have gotten along quiet well had they known each other in real life.

Great work Lo!  You make me so proud.

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