Saturday, August 23, 2014

Philadelphia City

After visiting Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell, we just took a walk around the center of Philadelphia.  Thankfully, at this point I was able to hobble without crutches so it made the walk a whole lot more enjoyable.

My kids love walks.  I'm super lucky to have kids that can walk miles upon miles at a time without throwing a fit.  We use our family walk time to talk to each other & be together.  Bladen & Taya have become really really close this summer.  I'm SO excited that Taya will be in 1st grade this year & Bladen will be in Kindergarten.  Bladen had a hard time last year because his best friend was gone to school.  They can finally be together again.  These next couple of pictures shows you how much they adore each other.  I love them so much.

As we were walking downtown, we came across this crazy old weird shaped house.  As it turns out, it's the house that Thomas Jefferson was staying in when he wrote the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence!!!

The kids thought it would be fun to make a train & walk down the street. . . that lasted . . . oh, 1 minute before they were fighting.  ha ha ha.

We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  We always stop by Hard Rock's when we're in cities so Trek can get a pin for his traveler's walking stick.  (He's a collector.)

After lunch we headed over to the Benjamin Franklin Park.  This was just a huge park with a fountain, a cafe, a carousel, & tons of playground stuff for the kids to run free on.  They were in HEAVEN.

After that, we stopped by the US Mint on our way back to our car.  We could have gone in & seen the inside, but at this point the kids were all vacationed out & ready to go back to the hotel & swim.  We took some pics from the outside & called it a day.

And that was the end of our fabulous family vacation.  We had an absolute blast.

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