Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Taya Adds Some Sparkles

For weeks, no months, I've been asking Taya if she wanted to get her ears pierced on her baptism day since both of her sisters did.  The answer was continuously NO over & over & over again, so I dropped the subject.

Well, after Taya's baptism, all of a sudden she started talking about getting her ears pierced.  I had not planned on getting it done & didn't know what to do.  But she insisted that she wanted it so off to the mall we went with Mimi & Baba.

She was super excited until she sat down in the chair.  Then she didn't know what she wanted.  The lady at Claire's gave her a teddy bear to hold & she was ready to get it done.  I was really surprised.

The lady that pierced her ears was incredible.  She went SO fast that Taya couldn't even think twice about the second ear once the first one was done.  I swear she did both ears in 3 seconds flat.  It was amazing.

Taya got beautiful multicolored flowers in her ears.  They look so cute & cheery just like Taya.

Yay, so all 3 of my girls now have pierced ears.  SO MUCH FUN.

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