Wednesday, December 2, 2015

An Incredible Halloween

Even though the big move threw a wrench in my usual Halloween extravaganza of a month, I still managed to wrangle together some costumes.  I knew my time & supplies were limited due to the move, so we decided to re-use one of our previous costume themes & just add a few more to it.  I knew I could make 2 or 3 costumes, but there was no way I'd be able to do 8.

So, as a family we decided to be The Incredibles.  It was the 3rd time we'd done this theme, but it never gets old.  It's just too much fun.  We reused most of the costumes & I just had to update 3 of them: Lorien's Violet costume, Taya's Edna Mode costume, & Craiger's Frozone costume.

Canyon wore the costume I made almost 10 years ago for Cadence.  He was Baby Jack Jack this year.

Bladen wore Lorien's costume from 4 years ago & became Dash.

Unbelievably, Cadence fit into the costume I made for Tylee 4 years ago.  I can't believe my little girl is wearing my size clothes now.

Taya was Edna before & we wanted her to be Edna again because of her spunky personality.  She IS Edna Mode.  I found an old leather jacket of Lorien's to put on her & then I made her a shirt & skirt to go with it.  I also bought a black wig & cut it into Edna's hairstyle.  She turned out absolutely ADORABLE.

This year was the first time we added Frozone to the mix.  Craiger couldn't wait to become Frozone.  His costume was the hardest costume this year, but it was a fun challenge.  I think it turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

I ordered a Violet costume online for Lorien.  I was running out of time & knew I couldn't finish her costume.  She was excited to be Violet.

We spent Halloween at our friend's house & trick or treated around her neighborhood in Smithfield.  We did stop by our old neighborhood to say good-bye which was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  I miss my friends so much.

We also enjoyed being the Incredibles for our church's trunk or treat Halloween party as well.  It was a great year.

Happy Halloween.

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