Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Welcome Home

After a full 9 days of driving across the country, we arrived at our new home on Moffatt Field Air Base in Mountain View, CA.  It's been some time since we lived in a base house, but with the prices of living out here, there was no other option.  I was really nervous moving into a house unseen, but luckily the house is completely doable.  

The house is 1900 square feet (about half the size of our house in VA) so it's small, but I think it will be good for us.  It's very open & I'm excited to make it our own.  I will admit, it's cheaply made & falling apart in some rooms, & the appliances are killing me (they're TERRIBLE), but it's a roof over our heads, it's free, & the neighborhood is WONDERFUL.  The kids found friends two hours after we arrived & they've been best friends ever since.  

Trek & I unpacked crazy fast this time around.  We had the entire house unpacked & ready to go within 2 weeks of arriving.  I still can't believe we did it that fast.

Getting the kids into the school system here was rather difficult & took a couple weeks, but they FINALLY got to start 2 days before Thanksgiving break.  They were pretty thrilled that they left school on October 30th & only had to go to school 2 days in November.  I was not a thrilled, but it all worked out.  The schools here are WONDERFUL.  There aren't busses so I get to drive the kids to & from school each day which isn't too terrible.  The school schedules are kind of bizarre, but I've finally got them down & it's not so bad.  Lorien has started the cello & loves it & has already caught up to the other kids in her class who started over 3 months ago.  Cadence tested into the intermediate band playing oboe & she loves the middle school here.  The littles love their teachers too.

My favorite part of living here . . . Tylee lives 30 minutes away & Auntie Marc lives 45 minutes away which means we see them ALL THE TIME.  I think that would drive some people crazy, but I love it.  I love family & having family close.  We love it when they come play.

Auntie Tylee always has quarters for the rides & candy machines everywhere we go.

One thing that I loved after moving here, was getting to pick out a new washer & dryer.  When we sold the house in VA, the new owners wanted to keep ours. . . even though they were 14 years old.  With as much laundry as I do every day, we splurged a bit & got me the biggest washer & dryer you can buy right now.  I can now do twice as big of loads as I did before & it takes less time.  It's a dream come true.

And probably my favorite thing about living in CA . . . 


Yup.  I love their burgers, fries, & shakes.  I'm officially in heaven.  Welcome to California.  It feels good to be home.

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