Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On the Road Again

After enjoying such an "Incredible" Halloween, it was time to pack up the car & say farewell to Virginia.  It killed me to go.  I loved it SO much, but new adventures await & you know how much I love a good adventure!!!!

So November 2nd, we packed up the trusty minivan & pulled Trek's car behind us on our 10 day journey across the United States.

Virginia is BIG.  We barely crossed over the West Virginia state line our first full day of driving.  But I must say, some of the most picturesque scenes were from Virginia.  I'm sure going to miss it's beauty.

The kids were thrilled to be out of the car & in a nice hotel room.  I think hotels are my kids' favorite part of road trips.

The 2nd day of our journey was a LOT more interesting than the first.  November 3rd we headed into Indiana early in the morning.  We also passed through Illinois & Kentucky during our journey that day.

Everyone was happy again & ready to rock & roll.

We made a pit stop in Santa Clause, Indiana.  We were SO excited to see all the fun Christmasy things there, however, nobody told us the place was literally a GHOST TOWN on weekdays.  I guess it's only open on the weekends.  So we were a little sad we didn't get to meet Santa or go inside his Candy Castle, but we made the most of it & got some fun pictures anyway.

After Santa Clause, Indiana, we drove all the way to St. Louis, Missouri where we spent our second night.  We got there pretty early in the afternoon, so we walked to Budweiser Stadium & to the St. Louis Arch.

We even crammed everyone into itty bitty elevators & rode all the way to the top of the arch.  It was SO FUN.

The view from the top of the arch was beautiful.  St. Louis is a beautiful city.

Day 3 of our journey took us into Kansas.  I'm not going to lie. . . Kansas was kind of boring & flat.  But I'm sure it has many beautiful things in it too.  

However, along the way we found the Russell Stover Chocolate Factory which was a BLAST.  Chocolate EVERYWHERE.  What's not to love?

We each had a homemade chocolate fudge ice cream sundae & bought some chocolates for the road.  It was yummy.

We stayed the night in Kansas & hit the road early the next day.  Right on the edge of Kansas was the world's largest easel.  Kind of a bizarre landmark, but we thought it was funny so we took some pictures.  We were having fun.

We got really excited when we hit Colorado.  We were SO CLOSE to home.  We stayed the night in Denver & woke up early to SNOW & TONS of it.  Our passage through the Rocky Mountains was completely blocked.  We ended up having to drive an extra few hours up through Wyoming to avoid being stuck.  There was snow up there too, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it was in Colorado.

We were SO happy to be through with the snow & be in UTAH which for me happens to be HOME.

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