Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Welcome to California

We had to leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday, November 7th.  On our drive towards California we got a phone call from Trek's baby brother Talon saying that they had their baby boy that morning.  I still can't believe we missed it by only a few hours.  They live in Utah about an hour north of my mom & dad.  We left at 5 am & Bridger Olly Potter was born only a few hours later.  Luckily we'd see them at Christmas so I could hold my newest little nephew.

After the excitement of the phone calls announcing Bridger's birth, we stopped in Las Vegas, Nevada to visit Trek's brother, Tuhk.  The kids LOVE Uncle Tuhk.  We all went out to lunch together & chatted for a bit. . . & then it was time to get back on the road again.

I was excited to officially cross the "Welcome to California" sign.  We were officially in the state we'd be calling "home" for the next few years, & we were close to Trek's parent's house where we'd be hanging out for a couple days before heading up to our new house in Mountain View.

Opa & Oma were up & waiting for us when we arrived after dark.  Opa even had a treasure hunt waiting for the kids to tell them what we were going to do on Monday.  The kids were SO excited.  We were going to go to McDonalds for lunch, go to a movie, ride the carousel at the mall, have pizza for dinner & then gelato for dessert.  It was going to be the day of every kids' dreams.

Sunday we took it easy.  It had been 6 straight days of driving hours on end.  We went to church with mom & dad, & then spent the day doing arts & crafts & playing together.

And of course Oma made delicious meals the whole day.  My kids LIVE for Oma's yummy food.

Monday was the special day the kids had been waiting for.  We had lunch at McDonalds where the kids all got Happy Meals (heaven for them).

Then we all went to see The Peanuts movie together.

After the movie, Auntie Tarrish (Trek's sister) came up to see us.  She went with us to the mall to ride the carousel.


After fun at the mall we headed over to Opa & Oma's favorite pizza place where they make pizzas just the way you want them.  It was delicious.

And if that wasn't enough, we finished off at the gelato shop next to their house.

It was a wonderful little break from our crazy move.  It was nice taking 2 days off before continuing to our new home.

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