Thursday, July 16, 2015

Camp Tonsofun - Day 3

We started Day 3 of Camp Tonsofun outside.  We woke up bright & early so that we could do all our yard work BEFORE the hot VA sun came out to play.

We spent two hours pulling weeds, cleaning up the flower beds, edging the walks, & sweeping the porch & sidewalks.  I just love the look of a nicely landscaped yard.

The kids really dove in & got down & dirty.  They were fantastic.

And boy did they do a good job.  Just look at those flowers & shrubs.  BEAUTIFUL.

We did have to go grocery shopping on day 3, which wasn't the kids' favorite thing to do, but when we got home we pulled out a new game we hadn't played yet: Pictionary the card game.
You have to "draw" clues using the pictures on the cards.  It was really fun & even the little boys could play easily.  I love family games.

While Canyon was taking a nap we did our camp craft for the day.  We made zoo animal masks (thank you Michael's clearance rack).  The kids made these things for hours.  My kids are just crafty kids.  They love making things.

For dinner both Bladen & Craiger chose pizza & french fries.  My boys & their pizza, I swear.  That's all they'd eat if I let them.  ha ha ha

After dinner everybody cleaned up by doing their dinner chores & then got ready for bed.  Once everything was done, the kids found these on the kitchen table.

Once again Canyon found his first & found his brothers & sisters to show them.

The girls were at Young Women's & Activity Days at the church, but the other 4 enjoyed their newly found treats.  And Cadence & Lorien enjoyed there's as soon as they got home.

It was another fun day at Camp Tonsofun.

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