Monday, July 27, 2015

The Candy Bomber & Colonial Fair

The first day we were in UT, we had the opportunity to go to Scera Park in Orem, UT to see the candy bomber fly over & drop candy for the kids.  The candy bomber was a pilot in WWII who would drop candy to the kids in war zones to help lighten their spirits in such horrible times.  He's 92 years old now & still flies his "Spirit of America" plane all over the country dropping candy to kids everywhere.  It was REALLY cool.  The candy was attached to little parachutes & they drifted down from the sky to all the kids waiting below.  I'm SO glad we went.

Also at the park was the Colonial Fair.  Trek & I were laughing because they had people there from Jamestown, VA to teach everyone about Colonial America.  We joked with them that they followed us to UT since we are literally at Jamestown ALL THE TIME.  It was really fun sharing that part of American history with my brother & his family & my Uncle Brent who flew in from AZ to see us.

They had built a replica of the Mayflower (completely to scale) & my Uncle Brent thought that was the coolest thing he's ever seen before.

The kids had fun playing on the playground, hanging out in the stocks, & drinking the freshly made lemonade.

There were SO many cool things at the fair.  I wish I had taken more photos.  There was one booth where they were hand-carving fiddles & boy oh boy I would have LOVED to take one of those bad boys home with me.  They were BEAUTIFUL.

It was a SUPER fun day with family.

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