Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Camp Tonsofun - Day 4

Day 4 of Camp Tonsofun was a lot more low-key than the first 3 days.  We took it easy & it was wonderful.

After the kids had breakfast & completed their morning chores, they found cute little Olaf suckers in the living room.  Lorien found them first this time around.

They got a kick out of putting them in their mouth.  They had Olaf mouths. 

For our camp activity for the day, we went to the library & spent two whole hours reading & playing with the toys in the kids room.  I love that my kids love to read so much.  It makes my heart happy.

When we got home, we tackled our big chore of the day:

It's been a mess for a while & I couldn't wait to get it all organized again.

The kids got right to work, throwing away any garbage lying around, straightening shelves, & just making it look nice & organized once again.

It looked SO MUCH BETTER when we were done with it.

After all that hard work, we decided to go outside & do some chalk drawings for our camp craft.  Sidewalk chalk is much loved at the Potter house.

The kids decided to make "I love you" notes to daddy on our driveway so that Trek would have a wonderful surprise when he got home from work.

We took the rest of the day easy.  It was Cadence's dinner that night so we had Hawaiian Haystacks.  She was in the mood for it & it's a family favorite so everyone was happy.

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