Friday, July 31, 2015

Riding Horses

So my birthday is July 6th & my sweet little niece, Brinley's birthday is July 5th.  Well, July 5th fell on a Sunday this year & since we don't do things on Sundays, we decided to have a double birthday party & ride horses since that's Brinley's favorite thing in the whole wide world.

I think my kids had the time of their lives.  We don't get to be around horses much.
#1: because in the military we can't have horses & we're never close to any
#2: because Cadence is deathly allergic to horses for some reason.  One touch of a horse will put her in the hospital unable to breathe & swallow.

So Cadence went with my mom & grandma to get pedicures, while the rest of us went to ride horses. They had fun & we had even more fun.

Branley's friends from their own neighborhood own a little farm & they were sweet enough to let all of us come play & ride their beautiful horse.  The birthday girl was SO excited.

My little niece Kylie preferred swinging.  She is SO stinkin adorable.

Canyon LOVES trampolines, so he spent most of his time jumping on the trampoline.

Korbyn is my favoritest nephew
(he's almost my only nephew until November when Trek's brother's wife is finally adding a boy to their family of girls.)

Since Brinley was the birthday girl, she got to start out the horse riding so show the rest of us how it's done.

Then one by one, the kids got to ride with her.

Lorien was a total natural on a horse.  She took Canyon on a ride & he loved it.

Taya was also a little miss natural horse rider.  She LOVES horses & this was her first time on a horse.  It was SO sweet watching her.

Lorien rode several times & she even got to the point where she didn't have the cowboy leading the horse at all, she was controlling the horse all by herself with the reins.

Cari rode with little Kylie

And when our devil child ran out into the paddock before we could grab him, the cowboy picked him right up & walked around with him.  He was a really sweet man.

After riding the horse, Brinley got to help take the saddle off & brushed the horses fur.

Then all the kids played on the rafter swing in the barn.  I think Trek had more fun doing that than the kids did.  ha ha ha.

It was the perfect end to mine & Brinley's birthdays.  I loved that I got to share that with her this year.  I love her so much.

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