Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dinosaur Museum

My kids love museums.  They always have & I love them for it.

While we were in UT, my brother took us to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum.  I thought my boys were going to die from excitement.  They loved every second of this museum.  It was great.  There were lots of hands on exhibits so they could touch & be curious without getting into trouble.  Those are the BEST kinds of museums.  Plus we got to go with my brother & his family & we all agree that cousins make everything more fun.

Canyon & Kylie liked the caverns.  We had to drag them out of these things by their feet.  They did NOT want to leave.

Bladen was head over heels over the dinosaur skeletons.  He's always loved dinos.

All the kids spent a good half hour trying to put together this dinosaur.  There were different heads & feet to choose from & you build your own creation.  They had a blast.

My favorite part of the museum were these huge dinosaur magnet puzzles.  The kids spent a TON of time putting these together.  It was really HARD, but fun.

They also found a room where you learn about water & erosion.  The entire room is one big sand/water pit where you can manipulate the sand to make the water go a certain way.  There were also little dinosaurs to play with.  My kids would have stayed in here all day if I would have let them.

I can't believe how big some of these dinosaurs were.  INSANE.

The kids were pretty excited about this shark too.  They kept begging us to take pictures of them with the shark.

And in the very last room of the museum there was a dinosaur dig.  They loved using little paintbrushes to expose the dino bones in the earth & sand.

I'm SO glad we chose to spend a full day here.  The kids had a blast & I enjoyed being with them.  I love museums.

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