Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Lovin

After visiting my family in UT. . . we've literally just been chilling around the house enjoying our summer.  The kids & I take a lot of walks to the swimming pool or to Sonic for slushies during happy hour.  We just love enjoying our summer.

Our garden is really producing right now.  We've got tons of carrots, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, & hot peppers.  It's been fun picking them & eating them.  My boys make it hard though.  They like to just pick whatever they feel like picking & eat it right then & there.  This little guy is addicted to carrots straight from the garden.

I have to pry the carrots out of his hands so I can at least wash them before they go in his mouth.  I'm just grateful I have kiddos that like veggies.

One of our favorite places to visit in the summer is the Peninsula Towne Center outdoor mall splash pad.  It's just a tiny little splash pad that hardly anyone knows about, but we go every summer & the kids love having it all to themselves most of the time.  We spend hours here.  It's so fun.

And I love the extra hugs that come when they get hold & want to cuddle to stay warm.

It's been a wonderful summer so far.  I don't want it to end.

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