Friday, August 7, 2015

Water Fun

The last full day we were in UT, Cari was smart & rented a fun water/blow-up plates for the kids to play with.  They were SO excited.

We drove 40 minutes to pick it up & drove 40 minutes back only to find out they had given us the wrong one.  The kids still had a blast on it, but it was more for little kids so the older girls didn't get to play as much as they would have liked to.  Cari called the rental place & they told us to play on this guy until 1:00 & that they'd bring us the right play-set then.

Even Justin was having fun on it.

My cousin Naomi came up for a few days while we were there & brought her 3 kids to play as well.  It's been years since I've seen her so it was really nice to catch up.  I even got to meet this little darling. . . Alana is her youngest & is so cute.

While we were waiting on the 2nd blow up play set, we got out the slippin' slide & started races on it.  The kids were giggling & laughing & just having a blast.

Canyon thought it was a bed & kept trying to lay down & sleep on it.  It was driving the big kids crazy because they'd start running & then all of a sudden Canyon was in the middle of the slide again.  Little turkey.

Dad & Justin got in on the racing fun too.  It was a blast to act like kids with my brother & dad.  We don't get the opportunity to do that very often so it was really nice.

Justin & Trek were hilarious together.  It was like having 3 year old brothers trapped in adult bodies.  They had everyone cracking up the entire day.

FINALLY at 2:00 we got the big kid swimming play set.  This one was SO much better than the first. It had a bounce house with basketball hoop, larger pool, spraying water guns. & a huge slide.  The kids (& adults) LOVED this one.

My brother is a big dork. . . . but that's why I love him.

After all the water fun, we lit up a fire & decided to roast marshmallows & starbursts for fun.  Smores are good any time of day.

Poor Trek's feet got SO sunburned.

This also was a good opportunity to take pictures with Mamoo.  All her grand babies together.

It was a wonderful night & a great fun activity to end our trip to UT.  I miss my family already.  My brother & sister, my mom & dad, my little nieces & nephew.  I love them so much.

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