Thursday, August 20, 2015

SAY WHAT ?!?!?

So here we go again!

I don't know why we can't stay put for the time Trek's job tells us we'll be places.  We were supposed to stay here in Virginia until Fall of 2016 or Winter 2017. . . that's why we bought a house here.  But of course, they have different plans.

Trek is being assigned to Cupertino, CA (the tech capital of the world) & he starts on HALLOWEEN!

Yup, two months notice to sell a house, pack up, get things squared away with 4 kids in school, drive across the entire country, find a house that we can afford to rent that will fit 8 people, & keep smiling.

I think they might be insane at this point.  Either they are & I am.  I'm starting to wonder if it's me!

Well, either way. . . . ALWAYS AN ADVENTURE!


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