Thursday, August 20, 2015

Night Games

Every summer I try to do night games for our neighborhood.  It's really one of my favorite summer things.  We invite our whole neighborhood into our backyard & we play for an hour & a half, then eat treats together at the very end.  The kids/teens seem to love it & I know my kids look forward to it every summer.

This year I tried one night a little different.  Instead of playing our usual "kick the can" or "ghosts in the graveyard" or "capture the flag," I dedicated the whole night to water games.  We made this super fun baseball diamond out of slippin slides & kiddie pools.  As kids kick the ball, they "slide" to each "base" (pools) on the slides & just get each other soaked.  We played this for 40 minutes alone & the kids didn't want to stop.  I think this may have been the most successful night game we've ever done. It was hilarious to watch & even the parents were sneaking turns in between the kids.  I was cracking up.

After water baseball, we played water volleyball with water balloons & towels & then had a big water balloon fight.  And then we played a bunch of water relays.  The first one we split them up into teams & gave each team a large cup with holes in it.  They had to fill their cup with water & empty it into the bucket on the other side of the yard.  With holes in the cups, they hardly had any water left when they reached the bucket.  It was hilarious to watch. 

Then we had them line up in teams & pass water with buckets over their heads & try to fill a larger bucket at the end.  They were giggling & having fun dumping buckets of water over their heads.  Who knew entertaining kids could be so easy?

It was a great night.  I really love night games.  I'm going to miss this neighborhood when we move from here.  It's been one of the best neighborhoods we've ever lived in.

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