Thursday, September 8, 2016

Grandma K.'s 90th Birthday Celebration

Happy 90th birthday to Trek's sweet grandmother.  I love Grandma K.  She's the sweetest, most adorable, amazing person.  I'm so glad I married into her sweet family.

For her 90th birthday we had a celebration just for her.  Trek's mom & 2 Aunties took grandma out for a dinner cruise the night before her party.  They ate & danced the night away.

Saturday morning we woke up early & celebrated Tuhk's birthday.  (Lots of Potter birthdays in August)  We celebrated at McDonald's of course.  The kids loved that.  Uncle Tuhk did too.

Though it was a really short trip (one day), the kids loved being at Opa & Oma's house.  Tuhk set up some movies for them while the grown ups talked about Grandma's life.  (Notice my husband is one of the "kids")

And all my kids got some snuggle/love time with their great grandma, great Aunties, grandparents, & aunts & uncles.  It was WONDERFUL family time.

Mom hung up 90 pictures of grandma all around the house.  It was really fun going around & looking at all the pictures of her, especially the pictures from her childhood.  She enjoyed telling us the stories about each picture. . . where she was, how old she was, & what she was doing.

My favaorite thing from the whole celebration was this picture right here.  Three generations of THREE SISTERS.

There is Grandma K. surrounded by her 3 daughters (Trek's mom is on the far right back row),
Then there is Trek's 3 sisters & my 3 daughters on their laps. 

It may have been a short trip, but it was worth every second.  

Happy Birthday Grandma K.  We love you.

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