Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The End of Summer

The last week of summer vacation was filled with fun with the kids.  We played games, watched movies, & hung out.  As fun as school is, we were a little sad summer was coming to an end.

Craiger managed to get his first bee sting.  Luckily he wasn't allergic & healed just fine, but it definitely added to the adventure.

I got to have a one on one date with Bladen a few days before school started up.  He decided he wanted to eat a hamburger from In-N-Out so we did.  It was fun spending some alone time with him.

And the week before school started, I finally took all the kiddos to IKEA (aka the maze store) to explore the maze & enjoy the swedish meatballs.  :-) 

It was a wonderful summer. . . short, but wonderful.  Now on to a wonderful new school year.

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