Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More Cousin Fun

For Christmas last year, my brother & his wife gave our family tickets to a Giants baseball game this summer.  We were VERY excited to take the kids to a baseball game, but were even MORE excited to find out that their whole family would be joining us.  It's been SO long since my brother & I had a real vacation together.  We've been looking forward to July for 6 full months.

They came & stayed a whole week with us.  We had a blast.  We took them to the cool mall here, 

Trek took Justin to Google headquarters, the Computer History Museum, & the new Apple Complex in Cupertino. . . . . nerds.

The kids LOVED hanging out with their cousins all week.  They hardly ever get to see each other, so this really was the best present ever.

Justin introduced Trek & I to Pokemon Go. . . a new game/app where you walk around your neighborhood parks & catch Pokemon on your phone.  He plays it with my nephew Korbyn all the time.  So we went to the park by our library to play.

I swear that whole place was like a zombie land.  There were well over 100 people roaming the park with their phones in hand.  Occassionally you'd see some hand swipes as people caught their pokemon.  HILARIOUS.

Meanwhile, me & the kids played at the park while the "big boys" played their game.

Cari also brought some amazing science experiments with her to do with all the kids.  We made fun exploding potions. . . 

and played with Mentos & Diet Coke.

We also got a grown up date together while Cadence & Lorien babysat all the kiddos.  We took Justin & Cari up to the Oakland Temple.  It was SO nice to have just a couple of hours away doing something we love to do most.

It was SO MUCH FUN just hanging out with them.

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