Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lorien's CSMA Concert

So back in March, I got a letter from CSMA (the community college here in Mountain View) stating that Lorien had been accepted on a full ride scholarship to the CSMA Honor Strings program for the summer.  Her teacher had applied for her & recommended her for it.  It was really exciting.

Lorien spent 5 days a week for a whole month for 3 hours each day attending 2 classes on campus there at the college.  The first class was a musical theory class & the other was Honor Strings where she got to play in a youth orchestra for the summer.

They played some pretty amazing & hard songs.  I was proud of her for doing so well (she was first chair cello out of 9 cello players) & had 4 solos during her performance.  I still can't believe she's only been playing for 8 months.  She is SO good.  It was a wonderful program for her & a great way to spend her summer learning.  She is very excited to play with the middle school orchestra this year.

Great job Lo!  We are SO proud of you.

As soon as I can get Trek to upload the videos of her concert to youtube, I'll add them here.

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