Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Lion King Jr.

When Lorien showed some interest in trying out for the school musical, I got really excited.  Like, REALLY excited.  I did plays all through Jr. High School & High School & boy do I miss it.  What's even better is that Trek was in all his High School plays as well so he was fully on board as well.

The middle school decided to do The Lion King Jr. this year which was incredible.
She was thrilled to learn that she was a zebra & a member of the Pridelands Ensemble.

And then an unexpected phone call came for me.  The director called me & asked me if I would be willing to do make up for the entire play.  I was SO excited.  I got to design, buy (with the budget), practice, teach 8 kids at the school how to apply make up, & DO the make-up for all the performances.

I spent several weeks planning, drawing, practicing & experimenting on my own kids until I came up with some designs that I really loved.  It took a few tries, but I found a really great stage make up that stayed well & didn't smear everywhere the second you got sweaty.  Experimenting was my favorite part of the whole process.

Once I got all the make up purchased & the designs approved, I got a team of 8 girls who wanted to learn how to apply make-up.  They were my little make-up team & they helped SO much.  There were about 40 kids in the play & there was NO WAY I could do all of the make up myself.  They each took 2-3 people & did their make up.

They did all the zebras, giraffes, lionesses, antelope, birds, & hyenas so I could focus on the leads.  And they did a great job of it too.

The parents that did the costumes were amazing.  This whole play ended up being spectacular.  Every costume was really cool with a poncho & pants to fit the character & an amazingly artistic headpiece. There is some amazing talent here for sure.

Lorien looked SO adorable in her zebra costume.  Her friend Amber did her make up (she was on my make-up team).  It made me SO proud to see her up there performing.  And she had a blast doing it.

And of course I had to take some pictures of my lead make-up.  I worked so hard designing the designs & I was very pleased with how they turned out.

Scar was definitely my favorite.





The whole family came on Friday night & then Saturday night Auntie Marc came with Taya which was fun.  Taya wanted to get her picture taken with all her favorite characters

It was a great experience for Lorien & it was SO MUCH FUN for me.

It's been crazy insane & busy, but a whole lot of fun.

Great job Lo!!!  You're such a cute little actress.

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