Friday, April 6, 2018

Bladen's Science Fair Project - "What Surface In My House Has The Most Bacteria?"

The Elementary School Science Fair was in March as well & both Taya & Bladen got to participate this year.  Both kids decided they wanted to experiement with bacteria growth which worked out great because both kids could do their experiments at the same time.

Bladen chose the title:
"What Surface In My House Has The Most Bacteria?"

He chose 5 surfaces that he thought would be the dirtiest, swabbed with a sterile cotton swab dipped in bottled water, & then rubbed them on a petri dish.  He then put all 5 petri dishes in a closet with a space heater set to 85 degrees.  Within 48 hours, we had full bacteria growth.

Bladen was certain beyond a doubt that the toilet seat was going to be the grossest.  Much to his surprise, it was the cleanest of all the surfaces.

The computer keyboard probably should have been a mess, but I know how dirty they get so I wash mine once a week.  I was surprised at how dirty it was even though it had been sterilized 4 days earlier.

However, the biggest surprise (but it really shouldn't be a surprise) was how GROSS my cell phone was.  I've been washing my computer keyboard forever, but why on earth have I not thought to sterilize my CELL PHONE?  Oh my goodness.  I was SO grossed out.  Now I sterilize my phone EVERY DAY.

Between both science fair projects, Cadence's PE Final Project, & Taya's CA History project, our house was being taken over by paper, pictures, paint, & glue.  It was a fairly busy week.

Here is Bladen's Science Board all complete.  He typed up all the info all by himself & drew little germs all over it as well.  The only thing I helped him with was cutting the black paper to put everything on, & helping him make it all fit.

It looked really great.  I was really proud of him.  He's such a smart kid!

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