Friday, April 6, 2018

St. Patrick's Day

Taya's favorite holiday has always been St. Patrick's Day.  I don't know why, but it cracks me up.  So every year I try to do a small treasure hunt for the kids with activities & games to celebrate.  We had a busy day on March 17th, so we fit the hunt in between everything else we were doing.

Each clue led them to another place in the house, another activity, & another clue.

I love it when they all dress up in green.

This year we did a GREEN Scavenger Hunt in our house to see how many green things we could find.

And green snacks at lunch are always fun.

We also drew leprechauns,

while daddy slept.

Their favorite game this year was "Who Am I?"  I put "lucky/St. Patrick" words on their backs & they had to ask questions to try & figure out who they were.

After mint-chocolate chip milkshakes, the last clue led them to the treasure in my craft room.  Cadence got a little hyper with the chocolate coins.

The kids always love the treasure at the end of the hunt.

For dinner we made green pasta with green homemade alfredo sauce, green cucumbers, green jello, & green grapes.  The kids loved it.

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