Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Piano Guys Concert

For the girls' birthdays, Trek & I surprised them with tickets to see The Piano Guys in concert.  It was a dream concert for all 3 of us.  I LOVE The Piano Guys.

It was SO fun to dress up & go to a concert together.

The concert was amazing.  There's nothing in the world like listening to music.  I don't care what kidn of music it is, music is magic.  Of course classical mixed with pop & alternative is my FAVORITE.

I loved how much Lo enjoyed watching Stephen Sharp Nelson play his cello.  I love that she loves her cello & that she can be inspired by such a great musician.

And of course, now she wants a black electric cello with a 5th string.  ha ha ha.

I loved all the tricks & they did with the piano.  It really was an amazing concert to watch.  I loved being there with my two girls.

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