Saturday, April 7, 2018

Easter 2018

Easter kind of snuck up on us this year.  Not only was it Easter, but it was April Fool's Day too.

Since we were unable to go visit Opa & Oma for their annual Easter Egg Hunt, they sent each of the kids Easter cards with some spending money inside.  We call them the Money Bunnies.

We colored Easter eggs for the first time in a few years.  I forgot how much the kids enjoy it.  They loved mixing & matching the colors.

And now that they're older & don't need a lot of "parent help," the eggs turn out cooler & much more vibrant.  It's fun seeing how mature the kids are getting.

The Easter Bunny did visit this year.  This year he brought the usual candies:
chocolate bunnies, peeps, & a few other things, & then they each got a book.

Cadence got an adventure journal where she can challenge herself to be more adventurous (ideas are in the journal) & write down those experiences.

Lórien got a 99 things that bring me joy journal.  It's really cute.  Each day there is a prompt to write down something that makes her happy.

Taya who is my "I can read 2 books a day" kid, got "A Wind In The Door" (the 2nd book in the Wrinkle in Time series).  She just finished the 1st book & was dying to get her hands on this one.

Bladen, who is my obsessed with facts kid, got 300 interesting facts about bugs.  That was right up his alley.  Now every day I get to hear about 10 of these amazing facts.  He memorizes them as he reads them.

Craiger is obsessed with Gerald & Piggy (the series by Mo Willems).  He got a Gerald & Piggy activity book.  He's been working in it non-stop this entire week.  It's adorable.

And Canyon is in a sticker loving phase right now.  He got a Lego Batman sticker book.  My entire house now looks as if it's been attacked by Lego Batman himself.

I love that the things my kids were most interested in were the books.  They are definitely MY kids.

Happy Easter Everyone.

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