Friday, April 6, 2018

March Madness

I can't believe how crazy busy March was.  I always know February is going to be nuts with all the birthdays, but March threw me for a loop this year.  But we had a blast doing everything we did do.

Here are some highlights from March.

Cadence worked on her final PE project for 9th grade.  She had to do a cardiovascular activity 4 days a week for 30 minutes a day for a month.  Then on top of that she had to do a food diary of everything she ate & also had to record her water intake for the month.  She chose biking for her cardiovascular activity & really had fun.  She especially enjoyed riding her bike in the rain.  She always came home covered in MUD.

And since our Potter family motto is
"Always an Adventure,"
Cadence somehow managed to get attacked by a stray dog while riding her bike which resulted in hours upon hours upon hours in the ER fixing & watching the bite, & getting the dreaded RABIES SHOTS (more on that next week when we actually FINISH the month long adventure known as rabies shots & can celebrate!)

And Cadence learned how to build, code, & fight robots in her computer programming class.  She is SO good at coding.  Her robot was AMAZING.

We also had our cousins come visit in March during Stake Play.  Carolyn was wonderful & helped me with the kids while I was at all the final play rehearsals & performances.  The kids LOVED being with their cousins, even when they fall on rocks & split their heads open.

A big step for Bladen this month . . . 
he earned his Wolf Scout merit badge & is now officially a Bear Scout.
He's super excited to have more complex "adventures" in scouting this year.

Lórien invited her school friends to a Young Women activity where they played "Chopped."  They were given 4 ingredients:
rotisserie chicken
a hershey's chocolate bar
yellow peppers

& a secret ingredient that had to be used in all 3 courses:
cream cheese

They had 30 minutes to create an appetizer, main dish, & dessert using their ingredients & anything else they could find in our pantry.  Lórien's team was quite amazing.

For their appetizer, they made buffalo nachos (which I couldn't stop eating!!!).

For their main dish they made chicken/cream cheese tacos.

And for desserts they baked strawberry cupcakes withe strawberry pieces in the batter, cream cheese frosting, & topped with chopped strawberries & peels of chocoalte bar.

Their team won.  It was all delicious & pretty impressive for a bunch of 13 year olds.

Also in Potter news for the month of March.  Lórien got a part in the play "Homeschool" in her musical theater class, as well as a fun little solo in the main song.

And Taya & Bladen both got parts in the Elementary School play
"The Frog Prince."

Bladen (who didn't want a lot of lines) got a pretty decent part as the Herald.  He's having a blast learning what to do on stage & how to project his voice for his parts.  He's already got half his part memorized & has decided that plays are fun.

Taya came home jumping up & down last Friday & announced to us that she got the part of the Princess.  .  .  which means A LOT of lines.  And not only is it a LOT of lines, but the princess is also under a curse (like the frog prince) that makes it so that she can't speak normal english.  Her entire part is in jibberish which makes for a LOT more practice than usual.  But you know Taya, she's already got most of them memorized & is loving being center stage.  She is a total drama queen like her sister.

So, just when one play ends, two more pop up.  Isn't that the circle of life here at the Potter house?  Plays, plays, & more plays.  ha ha ha.  I wouldn't change it for the world.

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