Thursday, May 3, 2018

April Fun

April flew by this year.  I can't believe we're already in May & we move to Alabama in June.

Here are a few pics of fun times in April.

Sometimes even 15 year olds want to take a
cuddle nap on mom.  I wouldn't trade these
moments for anything in the world.

Canyon disappeared while I was cleaning & I
found him all cuddled up on my bed sleeping.

I bought all my fabric for our Halloween costumes in April.
I know WAY EARLY.  There's a place here that sells fabric for $1-$2
a yard so I had to get it all before we moved.  Most of our costumes
this year take 4-9 yards per costume, so it made it cheap.


Crazy Hair Day was in April & all the kids opted for old Halloween wigs.  Bladen had a Snape wig, Craiger had a Gaston wig, & Taya chose Cruella DeVil.  They looked pretty hilarious.

And Sundays are the best days for family walks.  We are going to miss this base & the HUGE green field in the front of the base.  We have made LOTS of memories there.

It was a great April.  Here's to MAY & all the craziness that comes along with it.

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