Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"Always An Adventure"

Our family motto is "Always An Adventure!" 
Sometimes life throws you curve balls & you can either sulk or rise up & make it an adventure. 

Cadence experienced quite the "adventure" in March.  She had a huge final PE project due the first week of April that required her to do a cardiovascular activity 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes a day.  She chose to ride her mountain bike on the trail behind the base. She had to monitor her heart rate, speed, distance, etc.  She did this 4 times a week after school. 

Well, 2 days into the project, she was riding her bike & she noticed a stray dog (without an owner or leash) chasing her on her bike.  She pedaled faster, but the dog was big & it got her. It bit her HARD right in the left thigh leaving 2 puncture wounds & a bruise from the pinch of the bite.  But Cadence, being Cadence just kept pedaling because heaven forbid she mess up her fitness project.  By the time she made it home (7 miles later), she was in shock.  We took her to the ER immediately & they cleaned the bite really well & sent her on her merry way.  A few days later we took her to a follow up with her doctor & everything seemed to be healing nicely. 

Then we started getting the calls from the police department & animal control.  They staked out the trail to try to find the dog that bit her just so we could verify whether or not the dog had rabies shots, but we had no luck.  Disease Control called us & urged us to start Rabies shots immediately.  Poor girl. 

So the last 3 weeks we've waited over 15 hours (total, not each time) in the ER on scheduled days (day 1, 3, 7, & 14) so that Cadence could get SIX HORRIBLE RABIES VACCINATIONS.  The first day she had 3 shots, one in each arm & one directly into the bite.  She could hardly move afterward.  The last 3 shots were not nearly as painful, but still not fun. April 9th we FINALLY completed her Rabies shots & she is guaranteed to live a long healthy rabies free life.  ha ha ha.  Poor kid.  She's been such a trooper through this whole thing.  She even included pictures & stats on her Rabies adventure in her final PE project to make her teacher laugh.


We waited almost 3 hours each visit in the ER.
That gave her lots of ER homework time.

The 1st day she got 3 shots:  One in EACH arm,
& one directly into her bite.

Round 2: 1 shot in the arm.

Round 3: 1 shot in the arm (ooh, a smile!)

The rabies shots are actually quite beautiful.
They are bright pink & turn purple as they go into you.

Her very 6th & final shot

Round 4: Her last & final shot in the arm.
Look at that happy girl!

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