Thursday, May 3, 2018

Camping - Lehi Park 2018

We love to camp.  We love to unplug from the world & just enjoy the creations God has given to us.  Bladen begged to go on a camping trip for his birthday this year & since Trek was kind of over the ward campout, we planned it on the same weekend.  Camping as a family is loads of fun, but it's even funner when you have 15 other families there with you.  

The kids had a blast.  All their church friends were there with them.  They could play on the playground, explore the trails to the frog pond on their own, sleep in the hammock, start a campfire, etc.  It was heaven.

There were tons of animals out too.  There were lizards EVERYWHERE.

Canyon just enjoyed finding sticks.  He would find one, use it for about an hour, then find a bigger & better one.

We had a wonderful campfire program Friday night with songs, skits, a spiritual thought, & wolf-ums (crescent dough roasted over the fire on sticks with spools at the end to make little bread bowls.  Then you fill them with chocolate, marshmallows, pie filling, whipped cream, pudding, peanut butter, whatever sounded good.  They were amazing!)

Saturday morning we woke up & had a wonderful pancake, egg, & fruit breakfast with hot cocoa.  It was amazing.

Bladen was in heaven.  He did several hikes, some all by himself, learned how to start a fire, chop firewood with & without an axe, & for the first time he helped pack up the tent with dad.

After camp was all packed up, I led the ward members on the 3 mile hike I lead for girls camp here.  It's pretty crazy hard, but it's SO fun.

The Waters of Mormon were beautiful.  There was quite a bit of water this time around & everyone enjoyed splashing around in it.

Trek even gave himself a shower in the waterfall.

It was a great campout.  We are definitely going to miss the beautiful bug free camping of California. It's been great camping here for the last 2.5 years.

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