Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Lorien had a really fun activity with the young women this month.  They did an episode of 
for their activity.  They were divided into groups & give a basket of foods:  strawberries, a chocolate bar, yellow peppers, & rotisserie chicken.  They needed to make 3 different recipes (an appetizer, a main dish, & a dessert) using their foods & other foods found in the pantry.  Their secret ingredient was cream cheese.  The cream cheese had to be used in all 3 dishes.  They had 1 hour to complete their task.

Lo's group used our house to make their dishes.  They whipped out 3 amazing foods.  I was totally impressed with these 12-13 year old girls.

For their appetizer they made buffalo nachos.  They put chips on a plate, mixed cream cheese, chicken, peppers, & some buffalo sauce (I KNOW, RIGHT?) & made some absolutely to die for nachos.  They topped it with cilantro & it was really amazing. . . which reminds me, I actually want to make these for my family.  They were SO good.

For their main dish, they made chicken tacos.  They mixed the cream cheese, peppers, chicken, & cumin & put them inside a tortilla with cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, & spices.  They added sides of sour cream & salsa.  Yum.

For dessert, these talented girls made strawberry cupcakes.  They actually cut up strawberries & put them in the cupcake mix.  They baked the cupcakes & made cream cheese frosting with the cream cheese & topped it with strawberry pieces & shaved chocolate bar.  They were to DIE FOR.

Look how beautiful their presentation was.

Lorien's little group was so fun.  What a memorable night they had.  We're going to miss her little friends.

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