Thursday, May 3, 2018

Bladen's "JAWS"ome 9th Birthday Party

I can't believe Bladen is NINE years old.  Where does that time go?

A week before his birthday, Bladen finally saved up enough money to buy the new nintendo ds XL game system.  He's been saving for over 3 years.  He was pretty excited about it.

For his birthday this year, Bladen wanted a shark themed birthday.  Bladen loves sharks.  Every week he comes home from library with 2 new shark fact books.  The kid knows EVERYTHING about sharks.

We pulled out our remote control shark that Auntie Tarrish gave the kids for Christmas a few years back & got it ready for the party.

I made the cutest little shark cake ever.  Thank heavens for Pintrest & all their amazing ideas.  It turned out perfect & Bladen LOVED it.

I also made some shark fin cupcakes.  Bladen likes white cake, but he knows his friends like chocolate cake.  He asked if I could make his shark cake vanilla & chocolate cupcakes for his friends.  He's always thinking about everyone else.   I love him so much.

He was SO excited for his birthday party.

We had shark goody bags with shark suckers, shark tooth necklaces, & sharkwater squirters inside.

He also picked out a 9 pinata since he was turning 9 years old.

My friend Nancy sent a hilarious backdrop of a shark attack for pictures.  The kids thought it was hilarious.

This little man makes me SO proud.

For the activities at the party, we went to the park & played "Fish Out of Water" & "Sharks & Minnows."  Both are tag-like games & the kids ran out all their crazy 9 year old energy.

Then we came back to the house & played with Bruce, the remote controlled shark.  The kids got a kick out of controlling Bruce as he "attacked" everyone.

Bladen's favorite part is cake.

After cake, we headed outside for pinata time.  That pinata almost didn't break, even with 8 nine year old boys trying to beat it down.

And then of course they all just wanted to play video games for a while.  Typical boys.

Bladen has had a rough year this year.  He's been picked on most days & bless his heart, he just keeps smiling.  He has a very small group of REALLY good friends who look out for him & protect him.  I am SO thankful for these friends.

Eli gave Bladen a shark pillow pet, a drum card, & a shark lego figurine

Kam gave him an awesome shark book, magic set, dinosaur, & craft kit.

Sweet Frankie (Bladen's best friend) gave him a pocket
shark book, shark ice cube makers, & a cool melting shark.

Liron gave him a fun hot wheels set that he can build himself.

Luke gave him some awesome Star Wars Legos

Caleb gave him a fun game to play outside.

And Warren gave him some fun Star Wars Legos too.

It was a great party & we had a ton of fun.  Happy Birthday Bladen.

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  1. Wow. How did you make the shape of that shark cake?! You continue to impress me.