Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bazaar Treasures

Yesterday was the fall bazaar here on base. It's our last bazaar before we leave Germany, so we had some "must buys" that we needed to get before we left.

The first "must" we had to get was the "Willkommen to our home, the Potter's" wood sign. Most people get a painting of a castle on theirs, but I really fell in love with a painting of a house in the black forest part of Germany. Where we live it is very hilly & foresty & I really wanted to remember that part of Germany when we do leave here. So I had to get this one to represent our wonderful time in the beautiful forests of Deutschland.

The 2nd treasure I couldn't leave without is a pewter set. I have always loved the pewter pitchers they sell at the bazaars, but they can be SO expensive, so I've never even considered buying one. Well they were all on sale 50% off at the bazaar & I completely fell in love with the Heidelberg Castle details in this set. I knew I had to have the pitcher. That's the one piece I wanted more than anything, but then of course Trek comes in saying "Well we can't get a pitcher & not get the cups!" I love my honey! So the set came with 6 cups & then we told ourselves that if we have 6 kids, 6 cups won't be enough. . . .so we had to get 2 more BIGGER ones for Trek & I. . . & then the kids could use the smaller ones. So basically, the looking for a pewter pitcher turned into buying a pewter pitcher with six small cups & two larger cups. What a FUN treat! I love it!

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