Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taya! Taya! Taya!

A couple nights ago, I had a meeting I had to be at & Trek was actually working via video conference to the states from our back bedroom. He was sweet enough to attempt to do it from home so I could make it to my meeting. The deal was that I was to get the kids into the bathtub & then he would get them out so I could make it on time for the meeting. I left & everything was working as planned. He had a 15 minute break in his video conference meeting to get the kids ready & in bed. He first got Taya out of the bathtub & got her dried off & dressed in her PJ's. Then it was Lorien's turn. He left Lorien to dress herself, because she is old enough. Then he went to wash Cadence's hair in the shower (she won't take baths). As he was getting her out, he noticed it was awfully quiet. Taya is ALWAYS making some kind of noise. He immediately dropped what he was doing & started searching for Taya hoping she wasn't causing any trouble.

This is what he found:

Sure enough, as he looked into the girls' bathroom, Taya was sitting in the bathtub STILL FULL OF WATER in her pajamas. She was soaked to the bone & laughing hysterically at daddy's face. To make matters worse, Trek went to grab her & slipped on the bathroom floor & fell. Taya had emptied half the bath water onto the floor with a cup. So now Taya was a mess again & she had flooded the bathroom - all within a couple minutes while Trek washed Cadence's hair. Needless to say, poor Trekkie was late for his video conference.

I love you Trekkie! Thank you for your sacrifice. (but as a reminder. . . ALWAYS empty the bath water as the kids are getting out. Taya loves to try to get back in!)

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