Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Carnival

On Halloween Day Cadence's school had their annual fall carnival. It was a blast because we all got to wear our costumes & play carnival games & eat yummy food.

We met up with Cadence & Lorien's friends Ally & Maddie who looked adorable.

Then we played a bunch of carnival games outside like "fishing" & "ring toss" & "beanbag throw." The girls won LOTS of candy & toys playing the games. They were having a blast.

Then we went inside & did the cake walk. The girls each played twice & all three of them won at least once, which means we came home with a whole pumpkin cake, 13 cupcakes, & 2 dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Whoo hoo!

Then we ate frito pies, hotdogs, chips, & drinks. Talk about a fun day! We all had a blast!

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