Saturday, November 28, 2009

From the mouths of Babes

So for the last 2 nights, the kids have said some things that are worthy of blogging. . .

Last night it was Lorien's turn to say the family prayer. In her prayer she said the following sentence: "And please bless that we will all sleep good tonight & that we won't have nightmares
I started laughing in the middle of the prayer. You've got to love siblings!

And then tonight I told the girls that if they didn't be quiet & go right to bed, that I would take one of their presents from underneath the Christmas tree & give it to the orphanage in our village. Instead of getting upset about losing a present, they asked what an orphanage was & after I explained, Cadence looked at me & said "Mom, I think they need our presents more than we do!" So now I'm crying! I think I'm going to take them all shopping this week to pick out one toy to donate to the orphanage here in town. How could I not after that?

We can learn so much from our own children. I'm so grateful to be entrusted with such wonderful kids whom I love so dearly!

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