Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Village

Trek surprised me this weekend with 2 new pieces for my Christmas village. He usually buys me one new building every year, but this year he got me 2. The first is a cathedral that reminds me of all the old churches we visit out here in Europe. I love it because it will always remind me of our time here in Germany. I never want to forget it.

And then he bought me an adorable little bakery to remind me of all the yummy bakeries here in Europe. (I can't believe this is our last Christmas in Germany. . . . SO SAD!!) Both are awesome additions to my village.

My village is growing & is quite big now. I love it. I have more fun putting my village out than I do decorating the Christmas tree. (Wow, did I just admit that out loud?)

One of my favorite pieces is my fountain. It reminds me of the fountains in Rome. It has real water in it & the kids love watching the water go up & down with the green & red lights lighting it up. It looks so beautiful right in front of the cathedral.

(from left to right) I have my Planetarium & Bed & Breakfast, then my ice cream shop & my little Christmas tree that lights up, and then my Aquarium & my Dance Hall (that plays music & has silhouettes of dancing couples). . .

Then there's my new cathedral & fountain, my candle shop & bakery, & then my sea area.

The sea area was the first part that I collected. I got my boat the first Christmas we were married. On the left is Captain Jack's Nautical Antiques, the Boat House, & my beautiful lighthouse. I have 3 docks, my Christmas boat & a bunch of seals in the ocean. I love it.

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