Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breadstick Spiders in Chili


I'll let you read the recipe on this one. It's a little long, but not hard at all. And you can make your favorite chili or even just open up a can & pour it into a bowl.

For the spider bread, just get 1 package of refrigerated breadstick dough & separate into 12 breadsticks. Take four, cut them in half & then roll each half into a ball. You should have 8 balls on your cookie sheet.

Then cut each of the remaining breadsticks into 3 long skinny strips & then cut those in half. So you're getting 6 little strips out of each breadstick.

Pinch the "legs" onto your spider ball & then spread the legs out. I used foil so that my legs had a little bend in them once baked. Bake for 15 minutes & voila! You have a spider bread!

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