Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taya's 3rd Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my little fairy girl, Taya. I can't believe she's 3 years old already. It seems like yesterday I was holding her in the hospital in Germany for the first time. Wow, how time flies!

Taya wanted a Tinkerbell party this year so I did my best at giving her a fun TINKERBELL party! The poor little thing was a little sick on her birthday, but she was still smiling & had a blast with all her friends.

If anyone knows "Tinkerbell," there are several "talents" that fairies have. I wanted to do a fun craft from 4 of the nature talent fairies for the party. We all started as light fairies & made cute little sun magnets with our light abilities!

Then we tried our hands at being water talent fairies. Silvermist is my girls' favorite fairy so they were excited to "pretend" to have water magic! We made cute little dolphin & wave clapper instruments. It made for a LOUD but fun craft! The kids loved their clappers.

After mastering water, we became animal fairies & made animal masks for ourselves. The kids LOVED prancing around the house making animal sounds!

And last, but not least, we became garden fairies & made our own flower gardens out of flower sticker scenes. Taya thought it was funner to stick the stickers all over her face & arms, but the rest of the kids LOVED this.

After all the fairy magic, we sat down & ate some yummy tinkerbell cupcakes with chocolate & strawberry ice cream. I think this is always the favorite part of the party for kids. FOOD!!

Uncle Tuhk called while we were eating to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. Taya loved that.

Leave it to my girls to be the last kids eating. I swear my kids eat us out of house & home.

Next came presents. Taya got some fun things from her friends from barbies, to dress up, to games. She loved everything she got & we LOVED having her friends there to celebrate with us.

And to end the party off, we had Tinkerbell's friends "the Disney Princesses" come via pinata. Oh man were those kids excited for that pinata. I got a pull string version which I totally prefer over the hit with the bat kind. There are strings flowing from under the pinata & the kids take turns pulling one string off. One of the strings is attached to the trap door & when it's pulled all the candy falls out. Less mess, less pain, & still LOTS of candy. It was perfect!

The littlest girl actually triggered the trap door (she was only two). It was darling. The kids rushed for the candy. Bladen was laughing at them all, until he realized it was candy that was falling out. He very cautiously slipped into the crowd & got some candy for himself.

After that the kiddos went home, & we sat down together & ate candy & played with Taya's new toys! It doesn't get much funner than that! Happy Birthday Little Taya!


  1. Happy birthday, Taya! Looks like a fun party. We miss you guys.

  2. Hello,...have a nice time ,i like the daddy playing son up side down