Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ghost & Mummy Cookies

For Family Home Evening last night, the kids & I made some ghost & mummy cookies! We make these every year in our house. They're a favorite with the kiddos because they are so FUN to make & they're SUPER EASY!

Just make a shaped cookie recipe of your choice (or go buy the refrigerated sugar cookie dough at the grocery store to save time & energy) & get the dough really workable at room temperature. Divide your dough into 1 inch balls & then flatten them out into a long oval about 2 1/4 inches long. Cook as long as your recipe says to.

For the ghosties you are going to want to roll the cookies while they are still warm in sifted powdered sugar. (The sugar sticks better if you do it while they are still warm.)

For the mummies, let the cookies cool completely. Open packages of fruit by the foot & cut each piece into 3rds. Wrap each 3rd around a cookie making an opening for the eyes of your mummy!

Once your ghosties are white & your mummies are wrapped, put 2 dabs of colored frosting where you want your eyes to be. Add chocolate chips or any small candy for the eyes & Voila! You have adorable cookies for Halloween!

Another tradition we have in our house is "BOO"ing neighbors for Halloween. We made up two boo baskets & filled them with some of our cookies & some candy, then left them on the doorstep of 2 of our neighbors with a ghost picture to hang on their front door & a poem. Here's a link to the instructions.


It's a great way to bring the neighborhood together. And we enjoy seeing the BOO ghosts start lining all the doors in the neighborhood after a week or two. I love Halloween!

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