Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taya's Family Party

After all the friends left the house, we had our own little family birthday party. We sat down & watched her open presents from family near & far. Poor Taya REALLY wasn't feeling very well at this point, but she was such a trooper & enjoyed unwrapping her gifts. It was SO nice having so many family members there with us. We had Opa, Oma, Auntie Tylee & her roommate Phil, Aunt Diane from Provo, Auntie Marcene, & then us.

Taya got all sorts of fun things from a basketball hoop from Auntie Char in Washington, to a bike, to a dollhouse & tricycle. Such a loved (& spoiled) little girl. We had so much fun!

After opening presents, we took the entire family up to Cannery Row for birthday lunch on the pier. After a FABULOUS lunch (best salad EVER) we found a little kiosk with a lady painting faces. The Aunties all pitched in & bought the girls some fun designs for their cheeks. They loved that.

After a fun shopping excursion, we headed back home (with LOTS of chocolate & goodies) to wind down before everyone had to leave. Taya dressed up in her little fairy dress that Mamoo gave her & sat down & played with her stir fry set (from Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin) & loved on her ballerina music box (from Auntie Tylee). Poor little thing wasn't feeling well, but she LOVED her "Happy Day!"

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