Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent Tree (my first big sewing project)

A group of girlfriends in my neighborhood decided to start meeting together once a week to work on some sort of sewing project. I almost didn't go because heaven knows that I can't sew & that I HATE sewing! But my friend kept nudging me to come. . . & I'm sure glad she did. Kiona (my friend) sews all the time & she was determined to teach us ladies that sewing wasn't as terrible as we all thought it was. So she TAUGHT us how to use our machines & together we each made the same project: a HUGE Christmas Tree advent calendar with pockets. I LOVED the advent, but was VERY unsure I could make something so complicated myself. So after 4 weeks of working with the gals, I was able to finish it.

Is it perfect? Not by a long shot. But boy am I proud of it. . . not because it's fun for the kids for Christmas but because I took the patience to learn something new for myself & I DID IT!! I completed something hard all by myself & it looks fine! Now that I know sewing can be LOTS of fun, I can't wait to get started on our next project. Next month we're going to learn how to use patterns. I'm SO excited. THANK YOU KIONA for sparking a new hobby in my life.

Now to convince my husband that I "need" my own embroidery machine like Kiona's . . . (it's only $700. That's not a lot is it? ha ha ha Just Kidding!)

There are 24 pockets on my tree to store candy for each of the kiddos. Then each day they get to pick a piece of candy out of the right pocket leading up to Christmas Eve. SUPER FUN! The kids LOVE it & that makes me even more happy than completing it. Hooray for bettering yourself with continued learning!

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