Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Cruz with Auntie Marc

We all went up to Santa Cruz to visit Auntie Marcene this last weekend. We wanted to see her house & give her her Christmas present from us this year. I didn't realize how CLOSE Santa Cruz is to us!!

Being the wonderful Auntie that she is, she had candy, toys, juice, cookies, & presents waiting for the kids when they arrived. Each of the kids got an adorable new outfit for Christmas from her.

We couldn't keep Bladen away from the little wind up toy dinosaurs she had. He wanted them all & he wasn't going to give them up for ANYTHING!

After seeing her house, Auntie took us to a fun lunch at a Mexican food restaurant right on the beach. The food was GREAT (I LOVE chips & salsa) & the beach was a blast!

After the beach, Tylee & Auntie Marc took the kids to see Tangled while Trek & I got an alone date to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was SO wonderful!!!! Thank you Auntie for such a fun day.

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