Sunday, December 5, 2010

Surprise Double Baby Shower!

Mom & I had this little baby shower all planned for Carolyn for when they arrived in Vegas on Friday night. I could hardly wait for them to get there so we could surprise Carolyn. Tarrish seemed really excited too which made me even more excited. As soon as mom & dad walked in, we started getting everything ready.

Well, it turns out there was MORE to the surprise shower that I wasn't aware of. They are a bunch of sweethearts & changed it into a double baby shower for both Carolyn & I. I was SUPER surprised. It was SO MUCH FUN! We both got all sorts of fun things!

Even the new daddies got to have turns opening up gifts. I loved that the men stayed & played with us too. It made it even more fun.

Thanks everybody for such a fun surprise. I am SO lucky to have such a wonderful family. I love my 2nd mom & dad & all my "sisters!" LOVE YOU GUYS!

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