Saturday, December 4, 2010

Talon's Surprise Birthday Party

At Talon's house, we all got together & celebrated Talon's Birthday. His birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. Tylee & Carolyn made him a yummy red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting & then we had oreo ice cream. It was YUMMY!

Talon was SO excited to have the kids there with him. He wanted to let them help him blow out all the candles.

Poor Taya wasn't fast enough & cried when she didn't get to blow any candles out, so Talon & Tylee re-lit them so that she could have a turn too. Don't my kids have the best Aunts & Uncles?

After the party, we were all DEAD to the world. Tuhk & Tarrish suprised us all & showed up at Talon's house too! We weren't expecting them until Friday night so it was fun to stay up & talk for a little bit. Potter stories are the best! Then we set up the beds & went to bed for a much needed rest!

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