Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Las Vegas

Thanksgiving Day was a little different for our family this year. It was the Potter's year for Thanksgiving & since Talon & Carolyn are expecting my first little niece any day now, we all decided to take Thanksgiving to them in Las Vegas this year. BUT, some of the Potter's couldn't make it on Thanksgiving Day so we pushed Thanksgiving dinner off until the Saturday after Thanksgiving so we could have the whole family together.

Well, it just so happened that MY family spent Thanksgiving in Vegas this year as well. So on Thanksgiving Day, we drove into Vegas & met my family & spent the day with them. It was perfect because I could spend my holiday with BOTH families.

We met up at the MGM Grand hotel where we had fun at the rainforest cafe shop where there were animatronic animals all over the place. The kids LOVE animals.

except for Bladen. They just scare him silly! ha ha ha.

But he enjoys them if he can stare at them from far far away.

After we all met up, we headed back to the Excalibur Hotel & had our Thanksgiving Feast at their buffet there. Vegas has gotten EXPENSIVE!!! But the food was good & I didn't have to make it or clean it up, so that made it all worth it! We had our little family, my mom & dad, Justin, Cari, & Korbyn, & then my cousin Kerri (who I haven't seen in YEARS) & her fiancee Scott there with us. It felt like an old fashioned Thanksgiving even though we were in a buffet in a hotel. I loved it. It was a ton of fun.

After lunch, Justin & Cari took off to have Thanksgiving with HER family who also just so happened to be in Vegas. (Vegas was the happening place this year), so Trek & I walked with the girls down to the Venetian Hotel while Mom & Dad & Kerri & Scott drove & met us there. It was a FUN walk. It was far, but we're used to walking long distances. We met in Sephora & walked around the Venetian for a little bit. It made me miss Europe. The girls got really excited at the gondolas & started telling everyone how we all rode in a real one in Venice. It made me homesick.

Then we walked up to the Paris & met Tylee & Carolyn there in a little bakery. I got to enjoy a big bowl of gelato & a chocolate croissant (again it made me homesick for Europe) & we got to chat together.

Tylee & Carolyn had to run home to prepare Talon's birthday dinner, so we made our way back to the Excalibur & met up again with Justin & Cari. We all took the kids downstairs to the "Fantasy Fair" & let them play games for a little while.

By the time we left, everyone had won at least 1 stuffed animal. Cadence & Lorien were experts at the horse racing game (where you roll the balls into the holes to make your horse move). Taya beat Korbyn (or should I say Trek beat Justin) at the water gun shooting race & won a teddy bear as well. Korbyn (Justin) won a teddy bear at the racing game too!

And then Taya won Bladen a red lobster toy by fishing a red fish out of the fishing pond. We hardly spent ANY money there too. They were just lucky that night. It was fun watching them all.

After that, we all headed out to Talon & Carolyn's house for a surprise birthday party for Talon's 26th birthday! Overall, it was a FANTASTIC THANKSGIVING DAY!

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