Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Eve Presents

I just couldn't contain myself. I HAVE to let the kids open ONE present on Christmas Eve to keep them occupied for the day. I bought a bunch of stuffed animals from the Disney Store (totally on sale) just for this purpose. I knew they'd keep them busy during the day to make the day go by faster for all of us.

And since I've only got one little nephew I had to get him one too! Korbyn is the cutest kid! I love his fiery red hair & his spunky personality. I wish we lived closer so I could be around him more often! He is a HUGE "Cars" fan so I bought him his very own stuffed "Lightning McQueen." He was SO excited! His mom told me he won't go to sleep without it now. That makes me SO happy.

Bladen loves DINOSAURS!!! I love how he says it. . . "Dino...............SORE! RAWR!" It's SO stinkin cute! So I had to get him REX from Toy Story. He LOVES his dinosaur.

Taya has been on a Belle kick lately, so she got a stuffed Belle doll. Taya loves "babies" & so now Belle is one of her babies. She's a natural little mommy!

Lorien's favorite Disney princess is Princess Tiana from Princess & the Frog. She was SO happy to get a stuffed princess for Christmas Eve.

And Cadence is TOTALLY in love with the new Rapunzel movie "Tangled." She wants everything Rapunzel this year, so she got a stuffed Rapuzel. She was VERY happy!

It was fun to let them open something early. They played with their stuffed toys all day long & slept with them that night. It was perfect!

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