Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Skating in Union Square

Tylee took us all ice skating in Union Square on Saturday. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I couldn't ice skate (of course. . . being preggo & all), so I watched from the sidelines with the little guy. Trek, Tylee, Elliot, & Phil (Tylee's 2 room mates) took the other 3 kiddos & they had a great time.

The girls were loving it. All three of them were scared at first, but Cadence & Lorien really started to pick it up after about 20 minutes. Taya lasted about 15 minutes before she was DONE. She joined Bladen & I in our endeavor of chasing birds! ha ha ha.

But once they got the hang of it, we couldn't get them to stop. They LOVED it. They were doing really well too!

Elliot was HILARIOUS!!! He was dancing, skating backward, & doing all sorts of funny tricks to make us all laugh. Tylee has the best room mates in the world. They are SO MUCH FUN.

Elliot, Tylee, & Phil. . . we sure love all three of them.

And leave it to Lorien to wander up to another little girl her age & make a best friend. I could hardly get any pictures of her because she was busy playing with her friend. She did SO good. By the time we were done, she was attempting to skate in circles & backward thanks to her skating buddy she met. She might actually have a future in this!

And little Taya was CRACKING me up!!! She bought a Minnie Mouse phone with her allowance money at the Disney Store before we started skating, & for some reason she wanted to talk to her "doggy" friend. I had to take a video of her because she is SO CUTE!! I was laughing SO hard. Ruff Ruff Ruff. . . . Bye, Ruff!

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