Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trek's 32nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!!! He turned 32 years old on the 25th of January. So in Potter tradition he woke up to his special birthday breakfast. It was a VERY early morning for me, but well worth his smiling face.

I made him his very favorite: biscuits & gravy, bacon, fresh blueberries, & scrambled eggs with cheese. Everybody LOVED it! And of course we had to have the Hostess Cupcakes with candles inside. I think Bladen enjoyed that chocolate cupcake a little too much.

After eating we got everyone together to hold up 32 fingers so we would always know how old daddy is. 10 on Cadence's hands, 10 on Lorien's hands, 10 on Taya's hands, & 2 on Daddy's.

For his birthday, the kids & I got him a blue ray player. We've been without a DVD player for a while now & it was driving us nuts. He was SHOCKED that he opened a Blue Ray player & not just a typical DVD Player. I love surprising him. It makes me happy.

Trek got all sorts of fun things. He got some nice dress shirts for school from Nancy, some money from his parents, my parents, & both grandma's, & a cool arm band for his iPhone from Justin & Cari. He had a great birthday.

For his birthday dinner I made his favorite: Fettachini Alfredo, Strawberry Almond Salad, & Breadsticks. It was YUMMY! And then to top the night off I made him a cinnabon cinnamon swirl cake. It wasn't very pretty (thanks to pregnancy problems & being unable to stand), but it tasted good & that's what really matters, right? He loved it & the kids loved singing to him ONE MORE TIME on his special day.

Happy Birthday my Sweetheart!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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