Sunday, January 16, 2011

Opening Stockings

Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas. I love opening all the presents & then having breakfast & rest time as a family. THEN we open the stockings. It makes Christmas last just that much longer. Santa doesn't fill our stockings. We started this tradition before I was even born. We would each put something in everyone's stocking on Christmas Eve. I remember making paper snowflakes & cards & drawings for the family & would put them in their stockings. They were usually full of homemade crafts, toothbrushes, candies, & small practical things. We loved it. Now some of the gifts have become a little more extravagant, but some remain the same. Cadence made everyone little crafts & put them in their stockings. Both Cadence & Lorien spent their allowance money on a single gift for each stocking from the dollar store. Those gifts are always the most precious to me. I LOVE THEM. There's always one or two big surprises hidden in those stockings as well.

My big "Stocking" surprise this year was for Trek. He's been wanting an Apple TV for our downstairs TV for a while now, but never thought he'd get one. I bought him one & hid it deep down in the toe of his stocking. He was SO surprised & SO happy when he found it. I love my sweetie & am very glad he liked it.

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