Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010

Merry Christmas from the Potter Family!! We loved being home in UT with my family for the holidays. Christmas morning was SO MUCH FUN! We opened presents for 4 hours straight, had breakfast, & then opened stocking for 2 hours more. I LOVE that Christmas lasts all day for us.

We all got up together at 6:00 & let the kids run downstairs to see what Santa Claus brought. I guess the kids were good this year (they are good kids) so Santa brought Korbyn a new train set. Lorien got what she wanted REALLY badly: Barbie Video Girl.

Cadence is my child that is most like me. She is interested in science right now & really wanted a rock tumbler for Christmas. Santa not only brought her a rock tumbler, but he brought a bunch of rocks, some jewelry settings to put the rocks in, & a crystal mining set to help her learn more about crystals & how they are mined.

Taya is just a cutie. She is happy with anything! She LOVES to play with My Little Ponies so Santa brought her a stable for all her horses. She was SO happy on Christmas morning.

And poor little Bladen woke up sick on Christmas morning. He really wasn't in the mood to do much of anything other than be held by mommy or daddy. He didn't really know what to think about the giant race car track under the tree. Now that we're home & he's much better, he LOVES his car track.

I think Lorien's favorite gift of the morning was a giant gumball machine from my mom & dad. It came with 200 gumballs & I hate to admit it, but they are all gone & it's only been 3 weeks since Christmas. Silly girl. She's my gum girl for sure.

Bladen got all sorts of fun dinosaurs, cars, trucks, & boy toys, but the poor thing was so sick that he didn't get to enjoy much of it. But we were glad he was still there with us even though he didn't feel great.

Every year we get a "Daddy Gift" from my dad. He's done that since I was about 12 years old. A Daddy Gift is a very special gift that my dad thinks about & buys on his own special for us. Once Justin & I got married, he now does it for our spouses as well. We always look forward to seeing what he picked out on his own. This year Dad got Trek a really cool bluetooth stereo for his car. Trek's been wanting one of these ever since ipods became popular. He LOVES it! He can play music from his phone directly into his car speakers. Dad did AWESOME!

He surprised me with a Cricut Cutter this year. I have wanted one of these FOREVER. I can cut vinyl, paper, cardboard, chipboard, magnet, GLASS, & all sorts of things. I've been having a blast making family member decals out of vinyl for the back of our van, little minnie mouse notes for my girls' lunches, & words for posters for Primary. This was a SUPER fun gift.

Justin got the surprise of his life from Dad this year. Dad bought him tickets to the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament here in Monterey in February. Justin has always DREAMED of going to this tournament, but it always seemed impossible. Well, since we LIVE in Monterey, what better time right? FREE PLACE TO STAY!! So Dad bought him the tickets to the tournament, he'll be staying here with us in our house, & Cari got him plane tickets out here. So basically Justin got the vacation of his dreams for Christmas. We were all VERY excited for him. I'm excited because Dad, Mom, Mamoo, Justin, Cari, & Korbyn will now all be here for Cadence's baptism as well as the golf tournament. FUN FOR EVERYONE!

Poor little Bladen. He was SO sick.

We open each of our gifts one by one on Christmas morning. That's why it takes us hours & hours to get them all opened. And it's fun for everyone to get to see what everyone else got. I loved this fan that Dad got for his room. Mom picked it out.

Cadence's favorite present of the day was her Rapunzel costume & wig (from Trek & I) & Rapunzel shoes & wand (from Opa & Oma). She's been wanting this dress up since the movie came out. Isn't she adorable?

Lorien got Taya a stick horse. Taya LOVES horses.

Opa & Oma also sent the girls a ton of tutu's. Taya was having a blast dancing around in them.

I had a wonderful Christmas this year. Dad got me that Cricut & Trek got me a memory foam mattress pad, a new pan, sketcher shoes for my swelling feet, spa gift cards, & an EMBROIDERY MACHINE!!!! I was so MAD & so EXCITED about that machine. I know it cost an arm & a leg, but I wanted one SO SO SO SO badly. Now I can embroider designs, names, etc. on anything made of fabric. SO FUN!! I also got my hair cut & colored, some fun kitchen things, make-up, & all sorts of exciting things. It was a great Christmas.

Cadence got all sorts of fun things: a razor scooter, dress up, pjs, a toy laptop, aqua sand, craft kits, books, & all sorts of other fun things.

Taya got some fun stuff too: a crib for her babies, a vanity, dress up, kitchen stuff, Beauty & the Beast, books, a toy computer, pj's, & lost of other stuff she loved.

Lorien was thrilled with her many gifts: a razor scooter, books, Tinkerbell movie, gumball machine, dress up, zoobles, pj's, barbies, & lots of other things that will keep her busy.

And even though Bladen didn't feel good, he got a lot of neat things too: dinosaurs, books, & TONS of cars!! He was in car heaven!

Trek had a great Christmas too. I never got a picture of his loot, but he got a new camelback, lots of tools, lots of software, clothes, shoes, speakers, & all sorts of fun things.

It really was a great Christmas morning!

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